One of the cool things we get to do in this business is work with clients from all across the country. All Star Video Sports takes pride in our ability to shoot professional video at sporting events and sports organizations at local locations, but we are also able to create videos for clients that are hundreds of miles away.

Particularly over the past few years, All Star has grown and extended our reach to more athletes all across the country. Most of the time, potential clients are able to find out about our company through online searches and videos posted on our social media channels. With the help of these online media outlets, many of these clients make the decision to go with our company because of the professional work we do. We also get athletes referred to us by college and high school coaches who’ve seen our recruiting and highlight videos.

Early on in the company’s history, All Star worked almost exclusively with local athletes. We were a very small operation and did not have the resources to help athletes from across the U.S. As All Star’s exceptional service began to grow, so did our client base. Slowly over the years, we started to promote our services to athletes around all across the country.

All Star is located in the Kansas City area, virtually in the center of the United States. With the centrality of this location, we are able to receive video projects and requests from individuals on each coast, and from states located north and south of us. If we can’t get one of our own camera crews to your game, we can contract with one of our many partners  around the country. Over the past 5 years, we have been able to work with clients from the following states other than Kansas: California, Maine, North Carolina, Missouri, Florida, New York, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts, Ohio, Maryland, Philadelphia, Washington, Delaware, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, to name a few.

As you can see, having the geographic diversity of people that use our services from across the country gives us the ability to help athletes anywhere who need quality recruiting and highlight videos. We are proud to be able to provide these services to anyone who is looking to continue on in their athletic career.