Although we are biased, I believe we can give believers and skeptics alike a few reasons why video can be a very useful tool in helping your athlete be seen. In this example, we will take the practical use of video when it relates to producing a recruiting video (for athletes looking to play past the high school or collegiate level). We will dive into the importance of capturing the film-like highlight video for athletes another day.

  1.    Video of an athlete allows coaches to view highlights of the prospect at any time and at any location.

Only a few years ago, recruiters and coaches would have to travel to watch a particular athlete if they wanted to see specific skills the athlete had. Today, a coach can watch an athlete play from Pitching stillthe comfort from his own desk. On demand, a coach can watch an entire game or just a few minutes of highlights of an athlete from a computer screen or even a mobile device. This provides athletes an immediate advantage for their skills to be seen by a recruiter in contrast to those who are unwilling to send a video.

  1. Video communicates to coaches the athlete in question is serious.

Typically, the athletes who seek to have a recruiting video produced are the ones that want to play …badly. These athletes are the individuals willing to do whatever it takes to make it at the next level. As a rough estimate, we would guess about 90% of the athletes All Star Video Sports help are the hard working, dedicated type of athlete. They are diligent in learning the skills needed to advance and are relentless in their work ethic. That same work ethic is what many college coaches desire in their athletes. If the skill level between two recruits was exactly the same, one took the time to produce a recruiting video and the other hadn’t, which do you think a coach would prefer to have on his team?

  1. Video summarizes and showcases each athlete’s unique skills and abilities.

Every athlete has something unique they bring to the table. Athletes whose skill is great enough to even be considered to play college athletics nearly always have something that their counterparts are unable to perform at as well as they can. This is where video shines in an athlete’s recruiting process. Video allows coaches and recruiters to see those things that each athlete want them to see about themselves. Maybe the athlete is an outstanding ball handler. Maybe they are exceedingly good at scoring. Maybe they have an uncanny ability to make the plays that need to be made at the critical times during the game. Video can showcase these things, and site specific examples of when these plays and abilities occurred. Otherwise, a coach has to rely solely on IMG_4762the subjective opinion of the athlete or parents.

Video allows coaches to view highlights of an athlete any time and anywhere, communicates that an athlete is serious about playing at the next level, and showcases each athlete’s unique skills and abilities. Although skepticism exists, it is hard to deny that video does give advantages to athletes that might not be available otherwise.