Over the last few months, All Star Video Sports has been able to work with a wide range of freelance videographers with the larger amount of work that we have had this fall. This is the first time in the history of All Star where the utilization of multiple other cameramen has been critical for our success.

The hiring of more freelancers has allowed us to accept more video opportunities than we would normally be able to. Since All Star Video Sports is a small business with limited staff, at times we have not been able to make every single requested game or event that clients would like us to attend. Usually this is because we already have work that has been put on our schedule and we cannot find another videographer to complete the conflicting job. This fall however, we knew we needed the help. With the numerous amount of sporting events happening all throughout this fall, we decided to train and hire a few part time freelanceimg_2628 videographers so we could meet every single request for video.

Hiring and training multiple freelancers has allowed us to be more efficient and flexible this fall with each separate sporting event happening. For instance, one videographer we hired was able to shoot all video for one soccer team throughout their season. Over the span of one and a half months and thirteen soccer games, he was able to capture the best highlights from each of their games. One videographer shot multiple football games that were out of town, and captured the best plays for one specific recruit that our other freelancers were not able to get video of. Another videographer specialized in football games over the course of the fall, and was on call if one of the other freelancers wasn’t able to make an event on late notice. Two other videographers shot mainly highlight video footage for two football programs in the area. All Star’s two owners also shot quite a few events, and were able to shoot a little bit of everything, from football, to soccer, to a few of the baseball promotional videos that All Star was involved in as well.

The increase in video opportunities for us and for our newly hired freelancers has allowed us to give those videographers more opportunities to improve on their experience in video. Many of the individuals we were able to hire have had some minor experience in videography, but after this fall, each individual has been able to improve on their ability to shoot high quality/professionally shot video.
Overall, with the help of our freelancers this fall we have been able to do a lot more than we regularly would have been able to do. They have been a huge asset for us in our continual goal of providing the best video around to all of our athletes.