About a month ago, virtually everyone’s life changed. The call to have everyone stay at home for the foreseeable future was a foreign idea up until that point in time, and overnight we were asked to distance ourselves from everyone, excluding our immediate families.

As we all know, this has greatly affected individuals, school staff and students, and businesses small and large.

One particular individual this has greatly impacted is the collegiate athlete prospect. Since schools have closed, all public gatherings been banned, and all sporting events cancelled, this has put real roadblocks in the way of the individual looking to play sports at the collegiate and professional level.

Although video has always helped athletes be seen, right now, it is essential to showcase if you have dreams of playing in college. Most athletes have had video shot of them at some capacity, and to choose not to utilize that footage of your athlete could be detrimental in the long run.

Obviously, All Star Video Sports has specific tools to help you right now. Our job is to use whatever video tools you have and make you look the best you possibly can with those tools. We can provide essential bio information on your video including key attributes of your athlete and athletic achievements. We also use graphical arrows on different plays so recruiters can clearly see where your athlete is at on the field during each play. We can also complete your college recruiting video very quickly for those recruiters looking to see your highlight video immediately.


Unfortunately for many seniors, this pandemic has created a warranted frustration, not being able to play for their final season in high school. Our hearts go out to those kids. And even though they may not be able to get out there on the field right now, their dream does not have to be over.

Whatever the future holds, we are happy to help in any way we can.