It seems like every day, some new type of equipment or gadget is being created. And in terms of camera gear, new seems to just about always be better. New camera bodies with better specs, new lenses, better tripods, better stabilization within cameras, more dynamic rangeā€¦these are all improvements that consumers are getting a first hand opportunity at these days.

Today, any average Joe can save up for a very nice camera kit and get some amazing capabilities with what they can shoot and edit. And now, the market is so crowded with consumer-based companies creating their cameras with virtually the same technical specifications, that the only real difference between most of the camera gear is in the price.

From a business standpoint, it helps us to stay on top of all of these improvements so we know what kind of gear we can invest in to give you the best video possible. For instance, one of the last camera investments we made was in a smaller Canon camera that had a great 20x optical zoom lens connected to the camera. In the past, a camera of that size and with that lens capability could have easily cost $10,000. We bought that camera well under that price point.

Knowing that we have the opportunity to provide you with similar equipment that the film industry has used in the past is an encouraging thought, especially when we are trying to show coaches why they should want to choose a particular athlete. Whatever equipment that helps show your athlete can make a difference in an athletic program at any level is worth the investment.