To the media novice, it may seem like a simple task to post a sports video file to a streaming website or a social media site. On the contrary, the steps one needs to take in order to make sure a recruiting video or highlight video is ready to be viewed by hundreds of college and professional recruiters is quite substantial. Today, we look at some of the under-the-radar things we do to help get each sports video ready as it is posted live and made viewable to any recruiter seeking an athlete.

One thing we have discussed before in other Wheelhouse Blog articles is how long a video should be. Determining the length of a recruiting video in particular is somewhat daunting, because differentTime-bar coaches and scouts have different opinions on the length of a video. The content of a sports video typically includes basic text on the individual athlete and recorded video of the athlete’s skills or game highlights. Some coaches say that a video around 5-7 minutes in length is the right amount of time for a coach to see every intricacy in a player. Others say that only 1-2 minutes is needed in a recruiting video to see an athlete’s strengths and/or weaknesses. After many interviews with coaches and scouts, we believe anywhere between 2-7 minutes including the athlete’s bio information and game highlights or skills video is usually a safe bet for the average athletic recruiter.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.55.54 PMSomething that our video editors have to be cognoscente of is the level of privacy clients want their videos to be in. For example, some athletes or parents of athletes want their recruiting videos to be viewable to anyone and everyone. YouTube is often utilized by many of our clients so they can show their video to as many coaches, teams, schools etc. as they want. In contrast, other athletes want their videos only viewable to those they send their recruiting video or highlight video link to. If a specific coach wants to see video of an athlete, that athlete can send their video to the coach alone for them to view. Any miscommunication on the level of availability of a video could spell trouble for an athlete or an athlete’s family, as sensitive or personal information could be leaked to unwanted persons.

Once the video is ready to be posted or uploaded to a website, one must double check to make sure all information provided in the video or in the description section of a video is completely accurate. This includes all bio information, calendar dates of specific games or events, and player recognition supers or cues. If anything is misleading or inaccurate, this can hinder an athlete’s overall stock to potential college coaches and scouts looking at that athlete’s profile. In addition, if the wrong information is included in the video, the editing needed to fix the inaccurate information can take up to multiple hours, even for something as small as a misspelled word!

All in all, there are numerous things one can do to prepare posting an athletic recruiting video or a team highlight video. The key is making sure all information is accurate and reliable, the video length is accepted by the client and potential college coaches viewing the video, and the video’s level of availability to the general public is agreed upon by the athlete and/or athlete’s parents.