As with any company, sometimes there tends to be busier months of the year than others. Usually for us, the fall is the busiest time of year, as we attempt to tackle various soccer, football, and baseball highlight videos and recruiting videos.

As we are coming to a close in the fall months and opening the door to winter, this November in particular has most likely been our busiest to date.

In terms of recruiting videos, All Star was able to help 16 athletes get their video out to college coaches. Nearly all of these recruits were soccer players, with only one being a football athlete. This included 12 games of videography with the help of multiple ASVS freelance videographers.

IMG_4937In terms of highlight videos, we were able to complete 3 extended projects for clients. Two of these projects were individual pieces edited for athletes, and one of them was a pre-season hype video for a basketball team. The hype video alone took a lot of precise planning and execution in getting completed, with a large amount of the effort being put into the pre-production process. Comparatively, these highlight videos took up more time to produce than our standard recruiting videos.

We also brought out multiple All Star freelancers to a local soccer tournament this month, setting up a tent and offering our services to athletes showcasing their skills. As this Tourney Stillwas the first time attending a tournament like this, getting all of our freelancers ready, video equipment ready, and all the paperwork ready took a huge effort.

Overall, we finish this month having produced over 50 videos. We also had several All Star athletes sign to play in college.

November has brought a large amount of long nights, long weekends of work, extra editing hours, and too much coffee. We are tired, but we are proud to have helped so many athletes!