Around three years ago, I wrote a piece about the player’s passion in the various sports they play. I explored the characteristics of inspirational young athletes and their demeanor and enthusiasm for the games they play, and how they are a mirror of what we all strive to perfect in different aspects of our own lives.

Josh still copyMy job is to observe and capture the skills, the effort and the heart of these young men and women. As a videographer, I get a front row seat to watch them compete, learn and grow.

The goal of capturing quality highlights of athletes is to give the viewer a channel into the athlete’s world. The athlete’s main goals generally include winning, competing at a high level, building camaraderie with teammates, achieving a small part of personal success, etc. What we capture is a portion of those things, however large or small, that make up the experiences of an athlete.

Whether it is a recruiting video or a highlight video, we are trying to capture an amateur athlete’s skills on the field. We always get the skills of the athletes captured, but what we also get during that process is the beautiful spectrum of emotions and actions an athlete partakes in. It is in the moments of conflict, defeat, perseverance, awe, and victory we get a glimpse of what HUg stillan individual is truly capable of.

While working for All Star Video Sports in particular, we have gotten to see championships won, records broken, rising new stars take the stage, athletes helping out their community, players lifting each other up after a loss in the family, athletes overcoming insurmountable odds; the list goes on and on of stories and experiences that touch the hearts and lives of the people involved. Our hearts are touched as well!

While we may never be on the team as a coach or competing as the athletes are, we see these amazing things take place first hand. If and when we are lucky enough to capture these Break downmoments, that is when we can create something that lasts forever; those memories that stick with families and athletes throughout their lives. It is often these memories that define us in our lives. As a videographer, getting to see these things take place from time to time, is truly a blessing.