All Star Video Sports was founded back in 2006, and at that time, not many organizations were using video to showcase amateur athletes’ skills. Yes, many companies were beginning to really utilize video as an asset for their websites and digital media footprints online, but video used as an asset for sports athletes was still something new, especially for high school athletes at that time.

From what I have gathered from video professionals before my time in the industry, freelance videographers and editors would provide sports photography and videography as a niche item. Hardly anyone used video as a consistent outlet for athletes trying to get recruited at the next level. Today, video as a tool to be seen by sports recruiters and coaches is essential in many high school and collegiate circles. There have been a few large organizations that have been born from this shift over the past 20 years, companies you may have heard of such as HUDL or NCSA that provide specific recruiting offerings for athletes.

All Star Video Sports has been able to bring our video offerings to both local and national prospects, meeting recruits exactly where they are at. Through the hard work of a few individuals that have spent countless hours shooting and editing video of these athletes, All Star has been able to endure through many ups and downs over the years.

We are still here, helping you and your athlete be seen by recruiters everywhere across the United States. Since our inception in 2006, we have never rebranded any part of our company. But this year, we have had the opportunity to unveil a new logo for our organization.

All Star Video Logo for Web V2


Although 2020 has been a difficult year, and there have been many changes we have had to endure (as has everyone), we are still the same company, trying to help your athlete play at the next level. We are grateful to have the chance to serve you!