All Star takes great pleasure in providing athletes with video tools to help them succeed. Whether it is giving them video for recruiting purposes, or highlighting a team or organization in their respective season, we love being there for recruits who are looking to showcase their specific talents.

baseball wait stillBut what does it mean exactly to be successful as an athlete? Does it mean having the most wins as an organization? Or possibly having the best statistics out of anyone in your league? Does it mean the attainment of the highest level of notoriety in your respective sport?

In our line of work, many people might equate success with receiving an athletic scholarship. This certainly is one of our main goals we have at All Star; helping athletes receive the means to attend a college or university through the utilization of video tools. If you are an athlete that has the ability to pay for an exceptional education through playing a sport, that is most definitely a form of success.

HUG stillWhether or not an athlete receives a scholarship offer though, we believe there is one form of success we have found in athletes to be invaluable; the building of character.

Strong character building isn’t something that happens immediately, and usually does not happen without various forms of adversity. Through the extensive amount of time we are involved in the process of helping athletes be seen and highlighting their talents, often times we get to witness these same athletes become great young men and women. Getting to watch an athlete go through trials in various sporting events, experiencing the highs and lows on a team, and witnessing an athlete grow in maturity along side his peers are the types of things that can help an individual not just in sports, but also in the game of life. Yes it would be great to say that every one of our athletes received an athletic scholarship somewhere, but this is simply not the case. We can say though, that nearly all of our athletes continue to grow positively as individuals and take what they have learned from sports out into the real world.

Whether an athlete receives a scholarship or not, gets a trophy or not, or receives recognition for their athletic achievements or not, it is the little things we learn in sports that often help shape us into the best version of ourselves we can be. Getting to see these young athletes continue to better themselves and grow in a positive way as individuals is how we define success for young athletes.


Isaac Honer