All Star Video Sports attracts athletes that aren’t afraid to do the work.

One of the most noteworthy things we get to witness in this profession is young men and women who are willing to do what it takes to succeed. As we have talked about in a previous blog article, success is defined differently for each student athlete. The most common form of success that athletes strive for is the opportunity to play their respective sport at the collegiate level. This can come in the form of an athletic scholarship or the chance to walk-on to a college program. Sometimes, they even have the opportunity to showcase their skills to a professional scout.

GoPro liftMost of our athletes are in the middle of the road talent wise, but they set themselves apart with that thing they can control – the work. This work includes taking the time to practice and grow in your skill on a regular basis and taking care of your mind and body. Logically speaking, if a coach has to decide between two recruits with the same talent, won’t he take the one who is more willing to learn and do the work than the other? After asking multiple college coaches about this very topic, we have found this statement to be true.

Occasionally we will get the outstanding athlete that probably does not even need a recruiting video in the first place. This is rare, but it does happen from time to time. Even then, most of these athletes that come to us for help in recruiting also possess the hard working attitude. If you know it will help your chance to get into an athletic program, won’t you adopt that attitude in a heartbeat?Miege-run-2

Being able to see the work of these athletes produce “fruit” so to speak is an amazing thing. We have seen athletes start out with not much talent or promise to excel in their sport, and come back a few years later with multiple accolades awarded and scholarship offers available. What got them in that position? THE WORK!