After a summer filled with baseball, club soccer, and tournament basketball, it is time to switch gears!

The fall season traditionally brings with it one of the busiest times of year for All Star Video Sports. Our main focus is high school football, high school soccer, and fall baseball.

IMG_4542This year, high school football is at the top of our priority list of projects that are being shot and edited. Whether it is a recruiting video up high in the stands or a highlight video right along the sidelines, we are very excited in every opportunity we have to shoot video of these “boys of fall” competing against one another. Football is still one of the largest and most popular American sports being played today, and it continues to bring many recruits to us with the deep desire to be picked up by a college or university.

Recruiting videos and review videos for our soccer clients are also currently in full swing. Many soccer players come to us each year during this time looking for ways to increase their stock before getting a scholarship offer during their junior or senior year. This year is no different. These athletes largely come from around the KC metro area, while a few others come from various places across the United States.

Over the past few years, we have also gotten to witness the growth of importance in fall baseball to those who desire to play in college. IMG_2629Most athletes primarily used to play just for their high school and summer teams, but now another outlet for baseball players has been formed in fall baseball. Many baseball players today spend their falls bouncing from showcase to showcase at local and national colleges, in order to more extensively get their name out there. All Star Video Sports has been lucky enough to provide multiple “showcase-like” events for these fall ball players, who need more of their own video to provide to college coaches.

All in all, the fall is a very busy time of year for All Star. We are happy we get to be busy helping these dedicated athletes be seen!