2016 was a very successful year for All Star Video Sports, and quite a few milestones were achieved. Here are just a few:

-All Star celebrated being in business for over 10 years

-2016 was the first year we had hired 10 or more freelancers over the course of a year to shoot videography for various sporting events

croolhaueaa09hx-All Star produced our first ever “diving” recruiting video

-All Star hosted a recruiting video showcase with more than 12 players

-All Star produced its first recruiting video for a current professional football player

-All Star helped produce and direct a sports documentary filmbluraymenustill

-Produced 88 recruiting videos

-Produced 7 highlight videos

-Produced 9 promotional videos

-Produced 31 review videos (raw game film)

-All Star interviewed 2 first round draft pick Minor League Baseball players, and 1 Major League Baseball player

-Captured video of MLB World Series Champion Royals player Drew Butera on behalf of client 3&2 Baseball Complex

-One former ASVS recruit won a Minor League Baseball batting title

Needless to say, we are ecstatic over the amount of activity and projects we were able to work on this year. morin-8

In 2017, we look to expand on the work we have done, producing better video products to our clients, as well as reaching out to more clients around the KC area and beyond. One of our main goals this year is to expand our recruiting and highlight offerings into high school basketball.

In short, we say thank you to our clients, recruits, and associates that helped us along the way in this very successful year. We are very excited to see what we will accomplish in 2017!