Number 1July 18, 2013

“Player’s Passion”

One of the coolest things about working in a job like this is watching the passion and the dedication of the athletes.  Honestly, it is pretty amazing. The young men and women who come to All Star Video Sports looking for a recruiting video or a scholarship highlight video are not afraid of hard work. I’ve seen them put in countless extra hours of practice. I have seen players come back from injuries that young men and women their age shouldn’t have to go through. I have seen players who do not care a thing about what people think, because they believe without a doubt they will be a success through sheer force of will.

It seemed intimidating at first, watching these players every day at games and recruiting video shoots. I can remember asking myself multiple times, “Well what am I doing, why don’t I feel that passionate about things in my life” and “why can’t I find that drive to believe in myself at such a high level?” I had to figure it out.

I began to talk to them and just get a feel for what most of these players were like as individuals. There always seemed to be a calmness and a confidence present that just couldn’t be faked. This was not only around me but around their families and their peers. Hell, they were even calm and confident around people they didn’t know at all, whether it was people on other teams or even spectators. They made it look so easy.

I started to reminisce about my high school days. Surprisingly, I wasn’t very different from these players, working tirelessly to get that coveted college scholarship to play baseball. I wanted to be the best I could be, to make it to the next level. And I would do anything to make it happen. Where had the passion gone?

The passion wasn’t gone. Distractions and worries of every-day life made me forget that I still had that passion. I had just found it in a different way than I expected, which is helping others to achieve THEIR dreams. Seeing these kids succeed and move on to play college sports was and is my passion. I didn’t have to be passionate about me playing sports specifically; I could now experience the passion every day by encouraging the young people who come to All Star Video Sports for help. By helping them achieve success and keep playing the sport that they love! By coming up with creative camera angles and capturing their best plays to showcase their skills for a college recruiting video.

We still all have that same passion, whatever it may be.

The passion and dedication that each one of these athletes brings to the field every day is proof that we all want to succeed in our endeavors. We all desire to do our best and show that we are that cool and collected person who is ready to take on the world, by doing that certain something we love to do.

The best part: we still can!


-Isaac Honer-

Sports Producer