Over the past decade, All Star Video Sports has been able to experience the substantial growth and ever-changing nature of video intertwined into sports. More specifically, baseball is a sport that has caught huge forward momentum in its use of video. Let’s take a look at how amateur baseball and video has rapidly evolved from luxury in the past, to a necessity in today’s sports world.

CelebrationNearly ten years ago, All Star Video Sports began providing video to baseball teams and parents who wanted a way to remember their child’s season. Keepsake videos were the most popular video option parents turned to, a product that was new and exciting to amateur sports enthusiasts. Our trained videographers shot games of little league teams all across the Midwest, and we began to see greater demand for this game footage. Game DVD’s and highlight DVD’s were provided to teams who wanted the magic from their season captured on video, and All Star was there to do it.

Around the same time that game and highlight DVD’s were becoming popular to teams, athletes began to see the benefits of video as a recruiting tool. All Star Video Sports prides itself in being one fielding-skillsof the first companies to make affordable and standardize the option for an athlete to showcase his individual skills at his respective position(s) and in hitting. This is when the skills shoot was born. In a showcase like style, ASVS would take our athletes out to a field, capture video of the athlete doing various hitting and fielding drills, and edit together a short video highlighting the specific skills of the athlete. Young recruits were now able to get video of themselves with the ability to send this video via DVD or online to college recruiters and Major League scouts. The high degree of exposure to college coaches and teams through this medium began to give athletes a huge leg up on the competition.

Throughout the years, the demand for the team highlight videos and individual recruiting videos began to skyrocket. The transition of standard definition video to high-definition video happened very quickly, and soon made its way into amateur baseball video as well. All of a sudden, teams are separating themselves from the competition by highlighting their team with high quality, high definition video. The same transition began with individual athletes. Higher quality video was a way to show college coaches and scouts further dedication to the sport and their involvement in it.

Today in amateur baseball, video is in the list of necessities for little league players, all the way up to high school athletes. Nowadays, a large amount of high school baseball academies and amateur baseball organizations offer video to their players as an option for just being in their program. There are also companies that provide news and exposure services to baseball recruits, where video is included in the total package at their events. Prep Baseball Report, a client of ASVS, is a company that is able to provide current information of the nation’s top baseball recruits, give recruits the maximum amount of college and professional exposure possible, and provide every player at their events with high quality, state of the art video services.

It is no longer an option for players and teams to keep video out of the equation. With the demand for video helping teams be recognized and giving players a much better chance of being recruited, video continues to grow. That is where we come in, ready to help every dedicated athlete achieve their goals through video!