One unique thing we at All Star find ourselves doing at times is reviewing massive amounts of raw video footage. As we gather video from parents and athletes from all over the U.S., many of them have film that they have shot themselves, but are in need of someone else to review all of the footage. Many of these individuals have full time jobs, and in no way can they carve out the time to pick plays from multiple games throughout a season.

Although it is a simple task that must be completed, the video editor going through the game footage must be extremely patient, and they must also have an unshakable sense of self-discipline.

For instance, there are times where we will receive anywhere from 10-30 games worth of video footage for one athlete (we commend the parents who shot every game). If we are obligated to go through 30 Premiere Stillgames worth of video footage for an athlete, and an average sporting event can be anywhere from 1-2 hours long, by an example of simple math, it would take 30 x 2 = 60 hours worth of raw game film to make it through the reviewing process. These 60 hours would only include the review time and none of the editing time (which can take anywhere from 10-30 hours with this much footage). Needless to say, this is A TON OF VIDEO FOOTAGE.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 4.40.57 PMWe have come to realize through experience that when going through amounts of footage on this scale, one has to pace his or herself. In today’s world, the world of instant gratification, this can be difficult for the parent who wants the finished video piece back quickly, in addition to the editor who may want to move on the next project. In any case, maintaining a sense of balance and setting goals for how many minutes of game footage you can possibly go through in one setting is crucial for effectiveness in the edit. This balance is also important in protecting your own sanity as you are in front of that computer screen!

We are always grateful we get to help out our clients in this way. And although we sometimes get overwhelmed with large projects that include hours and hours of editing time, that time we do have belongs to you!