Recruiting Videos

Every year, thousands of college coaches go in search of high school athletes who can help improve their programs. At the same time, an even larger number of high school athletes and their parents spend months in search of the “right school”, the “right program”. All Star Video Sports specializes in helping both sides win by producing high quality recruiting videos.

Video packages are designed with the athlete AND the coach in mind. All Star Video Sports has taken the time to ask college coaches what they want to see in a recruiting video. Our videography, editing and graphic production techniques factor in that research.

All video packages include a master DVD which can be copied an unlimited number of times, and free online streaming of each athlete’s video for one year. We’ll also provide the athlete with the properly encoded video files optimized for upload to YouTube, Facebook, and any of the recruiting service web sites as part of their individual player profile.

To contact us call 913-262-0010 or email To get a hold of one of our Sports Producer’s, contact Isaac Honer at 913-530-2854 or at

*All recruiting video shoots and/or games must be reserved at least 72 HOURS prior to the actual event being shot, for scheduling and preparation purposes.*

Click on one of these links to learn more about each different type of recruiting videos we offer:

• Baseball Recruiting Video Package

• Basketball Recruiting Video Package

• Football Recruiting Video Package

• Soccer Recruiting Video Package

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