It has been nearly a year since COVID-19 has shaken the landscape of amateur and professional sports as we know it today. Organizations across the globe have been tested and tried on how to combat the pandemic and continue to provide opportunities for their athletes to compete. And although there has been much success by these organizations as they have pivoted towards safer ways for athletes to continue to showcase their skills, things are still not the same as they once were.

The younger athletes are learning things that I and older generations have never had to experience. Placing a mask on during halftime around your teammates after running around for 45 minutes and athletes being instructed to have their temperature taken before entering a sports complex were unheard of 11 months ago. At least for now, gone are the days of not thinking about how close you are standing next to someone.

ASVS YouTube Banner-1Just getting an opportunity to compete, combined with some athletes trying to extend their sports careers into college and possibly into professional athletics, makes this time in history even more difficult. Scouts and coaches are likely not able to physically watch as many athletes compete as in years past. As a videographer for these amateur athletes, these things can be sad to think about…that not all athletes are getting the opportunities they need to move forward in their athletic pursuits.

All this being said, there is also encouragement found in the resilience these athletes and their parents are partaking in. We know that kids need to be able to run around, be outdoors, and have opportunities to be active. This is likely why so much energy has been put into allowing kids to continue to compete in sports throughout a pandemic, and why so many individuals are going to great lengths to help athletes continue on their path.

As video professionals, we are placed in a unique position to help athletes during this time, and we are grateful for that trust. We have always been able to provide video footage and edited plays for athletes around the world, but now, we can provide highlights for athletes when coaches and scouts truly do not have any other opportunity to see an athlete at all, other than what they see on a monitor.

You, the athlete, are a fighter. You do not have to do anything alone, and you do not have to give up on your dreams. And until things “go back to normal”, whatever that looks like, we are here to encourage you in ALL your pursuits!