All Star Video Sports has found ways to integrate slow motion and super slow motion in many of the videos and projects we produce today. Recruiting videos, highlight videos, and sports promotional videos all can be improved if slow motion is incorporated correctly.

For recruiting videos, the biggest reason we add slow motion is to look at an athlete’s great plays closer or to break down an athlete’s techniques and skills so the viewer can see them more clearly. For instance, during a baseball recruiting video skills shoot, we will either record the video we shoot in super slow motion, usually 120 frames per second, or slow down the video later in the edit suite.

We can slow down a player’s swing, fielding tendencies, running ability, and pitching motion. Whether we do it ‘in-camera’ or slow down the video back in the office, the idea is that we are able to work with video showing both the athlete’s strong skill set as well as their deficiencies.

Slow motion in highlight videos is used to create more interesting and exciting pieces of video. Really it is like creating a piece of art. Most highlight videos we produce involve graphics and music to enhance the highlights we have to work with. When we pick a certain music track to edit with, the more ups and downs a particular song has, the more we are generally able to have slow motion in the video. All Star has been able to edit numerous football highlight videos over the years, and nearly all of them have made liberal use of slow motion. The idea is to give value to the highlights you have, and show amazing plays multiple times for the viewer to enjoy and get excited about.

All Star is also able to produce video for many sports organizations and companies, with the goal of promoting their services to various athletes around the country. Along with highlight videos, the production of these projects have to have more of a creative aspect to them. With that, slow motion is perfect for showing the unique talents and processes that capture the heart of the company or organization.

Slow motion can be used to show a player’s progression as an athlete, a way to create value to highlights for a highlight video, or show clients and potential clients of a sports organization what a company does in their day to day operations. Improving on how to incorporate slow motion into any sports video project is critical for producing high quality, professional video.