Although All Star is able to provide amateur athletes with some of the highest quality recruiting videos and highlight videos around, one area of production we have seen a lot of growth in has been promotional video for sports organizations and companies.

With the growth in amateur sports popularity around the U.S. over the past 10-15 years, sports organizations and companies affiliated with these amateur sports teams and leagues have sprouted up, and in turn have provided video production opportunities for companies like ours. The idea with most of these organizations is to provide a video that is a tool for marketing their offerings to groups and individuals that are presently or may be interested in their services.

All Star has been able to produce video tools for these organizations since we have been around, a few including promotional videos for indoor sports facilities, preseason hype videos for sports teams, registration notifications for sports leagues and complexes, informative videos about professional sport fan bases, high school pep rallies/award ceremonies, and even video footage for a professional documentary just to name a few.

The key with this type of work is the production aspect. In recruiting and highlight videos, highlights of teams and individuals are shot on the fly (no set shots). In promotional and marketing video, All Star will direct and coordinate shots specifically designed to highlight a team or a company’s assets. This is commercial work to show specific things about these sports companies to others.

Creating a script, setting up shots, organizing actors and locations, and handling all of the necessary equipment can make a promotional video shoot much more complex than a recruiting or highlight video. In addition, most of these projects have a quick turnaround time required so each organization can get their video in front of their clients and potential clients as soon as possible.

The creative aspect of promotional videos is also a differentiator to recruiting videos, but not so much highlight videos. We are able to create specific shots and images to promote an idea to a company’s potential clients, and usually, with video of athletes moving around and taking actions, the video turns out very captivating.

As always, we enjoy all of the work we are able to produce at All Star. Being able to tell a sports organization’s story is another opportunity for us to provide our expertise to the expanding world of sports.

Check out some still images of production shoots we have been a part of for various sports organizations:


Helmet Cam Hit






Miege running STILL

Miege Drill Still

Maxpreps still1

MAxpreps Morris

Sporting Color1



broken bat color still


pic 1

NBA Hitting Still