All Star Video Sports would like to introduce our brand new game action video system, the All Star Cam!

This summer, through the 3 & 2 Baseball Club of Johnson County, ASVS will begin to use this new original video system for players and teams, and highlight all of the action on the baseball field. But how does it work?

Helmet-Cam-still-2The idea behind the All Star Cam is ultimately designed for the sports viewer to get a remarkably close, High Definition image of the game action. The first person view of the baseball field gives a new and interesting perspective, one in which very few players and organizations have explored or even have access to. Diving catches, close plays, slides into bases, and unbelievably fast pitches going by are just a few things that the All Star Cam is able to capture.

The camera itself is designed in a very unique way. With the new and widely popular GoPro camera, we designed a way to securely place the camera on the bill of a standard batting helmet. This gives us the best view of what the batter or fielder sees from their perspective as they play on the field.

In addition to the video captured of players that are on the field and in on the action, the All Star Cam is able Smiley-2to capture footage of the team no other video system has access to. Fun and interesting video from inside the dugout can be captured as well. Close up shots of player’s faces and fun group shots are often recorded. With the All Star Cam, the viewer is able to see all of the fun and excitement of the team they love during the game!

We believe that the All Star Cam will give fans and sports viewers a fun and new way to view the action from the game, as well as revolutionize how sports video can be used. Check out some video of the All Star Cam in action below!



Slide-into-home Wazzup Number-1 Laces Helmet-upside-down Helmet-Cam-Still Helmet-Cam-close-up Dropped-GoPro Close-up Catch