Previously, we had written a blog article about the precautions one needs to take in the summer heat when shooting on a camera. Today, we explore the additional preparations needed when shooting video during cold weather.

The most important thing I would recommend to anyone shooting video outdoors in the wintertime is summed up in this phrase: PREP WELLScreen Shot 2018-12-20 at 8.03.01 AM

In the past, I would often go to video shoots not worried about what I was wearing and figured I would be ok with whatever I had on my back that day. Eventually, this train of thought had to go. Making sure you have the necessary protection against the winter wind and various forms of precipitation is critical for any videographer out in the field.

In order to prep well, you will need to determine if each article of clothing will be able to handle the weather outside accordingly. Is my jacket heavy enough? Should I be wearing thicker or thinner gloves? What will I put on my head?

Team Shot 1Most of these questions seem like “no brainers”, but each videographer also has to determine how these types of clothing will affect him/her out in the field. From the photographer/videographer’s perspective, making sure to be light and able to move around easily with equipment is a necessity. The question, “How will these extra clothes affect my ability to shoot?” has to be answered.

The last suggestion we have is simple: stay warm at all costs. If you have hand warmers, take them with you. If you can get to a heated area such as in a car or a building for 10 minutes, go there. If you need to run to one end of the field and back to get your blood pumping, sprint fast! In my experience, video shoots are always harder to endure if I am unable to stay warm throughout the time outside.

Don’t forget to bundle up!

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