All Star Video Sports can meet any sports video need you may have: recruiting videos, sports promotional videos, webcasting of games, and team highlight videos. All of these sports video options are very important in their respective circumstances. But I believe team highlight videos have some of the most positive and impactful effects on the individuals involved.

First off, a sports highlight video allows you to remember a part of who you were at that point in time. As a player, you think back to what year you were in school, what you were heavily motivated by, who was around you during this time in your life, and what your general role on the team was. Parents think of where they were at that moment in life, numerous times spent in the stands cheering on their favorite player on the field, and what kind affect this sports experience will have on their child’s future. Many connections of our past selves to who we are today are realized and appreciated.

Remembering how the actual season transpired is also something that is exciting to look back on. Victories, defeats, amazing plays, impacts of players and coaches, and even injuries can take you back into the very heart of a season.  Looking back at some highlight videos I was involved in at an earlier point

SMNW-Cheersin my life, the nostalgia immediately kicks in. “That was the best year!” or “I will never forget when that happened.” are often frequent words I hear myself and others say.  I nearly always find myself smiling.

Looking back on the ups, the downs, and the changes in one’s life are all something that we cherish. I have come to learn that highlight videos seem to capture those moments, and can aid in taking us back to some of the best days in a lifetime!


Isaac Honer