Over the past weekend, All Star Video Sports was able to film a sporting event that we had never covered before…a full tackle women’s football game!

Still EyesASVS has been able to shoot many men’s football games over the years. From pre-season hype videos to season ending highlight videos, we have seen and shot a lot. But as we recently discovered, we had not seen everything there was to see.

The team we shot for, the Kansas City Titans, are a professional adult women’s football team that play as a part of the Women’s Football Alliance. The WFA oversees all of the professional women’s football teams around the United States. We were recently called on to shoot highlights of one of their last regular season games for promotional purposes.

One could probably come up with some preconceived notions on what a women’s tackle football league might look like, but one thing is for certain: these women are no slouches. They play fast, they hit hard, and they are competitive! Like me, I would guess that most people have no knowledge of any professional women’s football team’s existence, let alone a whole league full of them!Still 7

The competitiveness of these women alone inspires much. Producing video for women out on the field, filming them doing something they love to do (that generally would be considered uncommon for women), is an awesome thing to behold. There are certain images you cannot help but stand in awe of…hearing girls’ voices yelling plays on the field, viewing team logos with women in them, and seeing a ponytail coming out of a helmet are just to name a few.

Looking back at the game, there are so many interesting and awesome things we got to film. In addition to the overall inspiration of seeing the women play, they were most certainly enjoyable to watch compete. Shooting sports video is always an adventure, and producing video like this proves that point. We are excited as an organization to learn more about this whole culture of women’s football players.