Our video team can often get deep into the weeds about tips and strategies that will help athletes looking to play at the next level. These athletes are usually individuals desiring to go to college on an athletic scholarship, thus video is strictly a tool to help them in the recruiting process. That being said, there are many other offerings that we are able to provide athletes, namely, video offerings that are more geared towards having fun!

Highlight videos of teams is one thing we do for athletes that can be a fun way to help them remember awesome moments from the year. All Star Video has produced highlight videos for many different teams and for many different sports such as baseball, football, soccer, etc. Producing highlight videos for teams is a fun option that allows players and parents to look back on a specific season, and remember specific plays and moments in that season that were fun and exciting!

Sports highlight videos of individuals is another thing we often provide to athletes. Typically this is something athlete’s parents like to provide as a graduation gift or an end of the year gift for their kids. This can be a way parents show their kids they enjoy watching them compete and also recognize the effort they are putting forth in their respective sport.

In both examples of highlight videos, we can provide slow motion video in order to highlight specific plays a team or an athlete engage in during the game. This can be an awesome tool to allow “the viewer” to see things that normally wouldn’t be able to be seen. For example, in real time speed, a blocked kick on a field goal attempt is a very exciting moment in and of itself. But in slow motion, a blocked kick is an epic act of pure athletic ability in which you can see every detail of excitement throughout! Feel free to take a look at some examples of slow motion in one of our highlight video demo reels:

We also provide pre-season hype videos for teams. While producing these videos, they are often staged in order to create more dramatic effects to highlight players. These are great videos that can get a whole school or fan base ready for the season or playoffs!

Each of these examples are just a few fun things that high quality video services allow us to provide to you!

Feel free to contact on of our sports video professionals for an estimate for your team or athlete: isaac@allstarvideosports.com