Typically every video All Star produces revolves around high school and amateur athletes wanting to play at the next level. Whether we produce highlight videos for little league athletes or recruiting videos for high school athletes, our goal is to provide maximum exposure for these kids who want to continue to play sports. Sometimes though, we are able to produce video for professional athletes that are looking to start or continue to play at the highest level possible. This kind of production is as special as it comes.

LutmanOne of the most recent professional athletes we were able to work with was with current NFL player Gavin Lutman this past July. Lutman, a graduate of Pittsburg State University (KS), showed terrific athletic prowess as a collegiate athlete. In his senior year at Pitt State in 2014, he led the team with 70 catches for 1,196 yard (17.1 ypc) and 13 TDs. Lutman has jumped around from a few teams in his professional career so far, starting out in Minnesota with the Vikings and then moving on to the Tennessee Titans for a period of time.

Lutman came to us in hopes of producing a video for a few professional scouts in the NFL, after enduring a serious injury this past year. Being a Wide Receiver, he requested we produce a “route review” video capturing himself running routes and catching passes. After two long and hot hours in the sun, we got every shot we needed for his video.

Being able to see the difference in athleticism from an amateur athlete and a professional athlete is always something to behold. As we recorded Gavin making cuts, running Lutman2intricate routes, and catching very difficult passes, I realized how different and special it is being able to watch an athlete who has perfected his craft. I thought about how even Gavin had to start somewhere, and has been exactly where many of our recruits are at now, perfecting their abilities in college.

Helping someone who is clearly above nearly all of the athletic talent around is always a humbling experience. It is a good feeling knowing that Lutman3even the most talented athletes can use our professional video tools.