One of the greatest joys we get to experience at All Star Video is witnessing our recruits playing at the collegiate and the professional athletic level!

The work that has been done to get to the next level has been accomplished by the efforts of the parents and athletes we work with. All Star Video provides a video service to these dedicated athletes, but the spoils that come from gaining that scholarship or professional contract, have been because our athletes have done the work to get to that point. They have put in the countless hours of training, attending tournaments, meeting coaches, placing themselves in the best positions to be seen, etc.

P1222531That being said, the little bit of work that All Star has the opportunity to provide to athletes makes us particularly proud when we get to see our athletes continue to compete past high school. Oftentimes we receive emails from our recruit’s parents a few months after producing their video, giving details of where their sons and daughters are at, at their new school or team. In the years that follow, we get to watch our athletes grow as individuals and competitors, through the various team’s athletic websites, the team’s social media accounts, and even on nationally televised games.

We have seen our athletes win championships. We have seen our athletes accept prestigious athletic accolades. We have seen our athletes play at the highest level of collegiate tournaments. We have seen our athletes be trained by professional athletes. We have seen our athletes play internationally. We have seen our athletes in play in professional playoff games. We have seen our athletes compete professionally for multiple years. We morin-8have seen our athletes become instructors to amateur athletes.

These are all things that make us as a professional sports video production company, jump for joy. Again, these athletes have done the work to get to where they are at. But knowing that we had a small part to play in their continued success makes us grateful to have been a part of their journey.