As a videographer and video editor, it can be easy to take what we do for a living for granted. In the field of video and filmmaking, one can get lost in the advancements of technology, the millions of techniques to produce the best shots, and our own egos getting in the way of the main goal: helping the athlete.

P1222529Having the opportunity to give athletes video tools is an amazing gift. It is a unique way that we can give those kids who want a better education and an overall expansion of their understanding a chance at a greater future. It is something that if utilized properly, can shape the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints of individuals in a position of authority (i.e. coaches and scouts) to help those outside of their circle.

This is what gives us as individuals and as a team the greatest joy. We get to see kids with the opportunity follow their own passions. We get to Miege Stillwitness young men and women fulfilling their dreams, most of them as model students, teammates, sons, and daughters. We see parents with gratitude for the help we are able to provide, and overt joy as they witness their own children succeed in seeking a good and true way of life.

Ultimately, what we see is rare to achieve: Changing the course of one’s life. We witness this one shot at a time, one moment at a time, through the lens of our camera.

The bottom line is that without you, we become obsolete. We are here to help you achieve your dreams, to vie for a chance at something unique and awesome. The technological advancements, current trends, and talented shooters are useless if we are not helping someone else.

We thank you for allowing us to help and serve you.