It had been a while since we shot a skills shoot for any baseball recruits, but this month we were able to get out on the ball-field!

The skills shoot has long been a useful tool we have offered to our recruits. This smaller-scaled showcase event, allows recruits to get their hitting, fielding, and pitching skills recorded on video. Ultimately, the video footage of each recruit is used as a way for college coaches and professional sports organizations around the U.S. to watch an athlete’s technique and skillset, without having to leave their location.

Fielding stillOur most recent skills shoot was shot for a local baseball college preparatory program. With 8 athletes present at the event, we had our hands full. Thankfully, we had a few coaches from their program help hit balls to the athletes, throw batting practice, and monitor each athlete’s performance during the event. The organization between our staff and the baseball program’s coaches allowed us to capture some great footage of each athlete.

Over the years, we have been able to shoot for multiple different organizations and individuals who have wanted to get their skills captured on video. SometimesHitting still we have shot these skills shoots for high-attended showcase events with over a hundred kids, multiple collegiate athletes, college coaches and scouts, and even professional scouts in attendance. In contrast, we have also shot events with only one athlete present, dedicated in getting their individual skills captured, and getting their name out there.

We have also seen athletes vary greatly in terms of their natural ability in the sport, and their potential for advancement beyond high school. We have had athletes who need quite a bit of work to improve their athletic craft, and we have had athletes who were well-equipped to play Division 1 ball and some even ready to play professional athletics. This sharp contrast in talent makes our job very interesting, as we get to see the players that go on to play more competitively and also the players that follow a career path away from sports.

We are extremely grateful we have been able to help hundreds of athletes gather the video assets they need to be seen!

Pitching still