Traditionally, All Star Video Sports has been involved in sports video centering on amateur athletics; recruiting videos, highlight videos, and sports promotional videos for high school players and teams. But there are times when we are allowed to spread our creative wings a bit, with a more high profile project.

Case in point, last month, All Star Video Sports was able to produce high quality video for one of the big boys in international sports: Major League Soccer(MLS). We were assigned to put two camera crews to work highlighting the Kansas City Cauldron, fan support group for the Professional Soccer Club, Sporting Kansas City. The project focused on providing video for a web episode series on MLS team support groups. As such, a game was chosen for a group of our professional videographers and producers to go out and shoot video of this notorious support group in particular, and highlight their large influence and presence in the league and around their team.

All Star Video Sports was on the scene on August 16th for the Toronto FC vs. Sporting KC match hosted at Sporting Park. Our day started early, with two of our crew members following Cauldron representatives and shooting video of all of the pre-game and tailgating festivities. We were able to capture the huge effort needed in getting the Cauldron tailgate ready, multiple interviews of Cauldron representatives and fans, and preparations before game time in the Cauldron fan section in Sporting Park. Two of our other crew members joined later on, to get video of all of the game action on the field. Here’s the final piece as edited by MLS. (CLICK HERE TO PLAY)

Our experience following around this fan group for the day was a treat in itself. Loud, enthusiastic fans encompassed the Cauldron’s section during the game, as an exciting match vs. Toronto began to unfold. All Star Video Sports was able to capture all of the amazing energy of the Cauldron, as well as high quality game highlights of the athletes on the field. Our crews were immersed in the flags, confetti, fireworks, happy and crazed fans, and lots of the color blue. Capturing the feeling and atmosphere in that environment was what we were looking to get video of, and we got plenty of it.

After a hard day’s work of videography, interviewing, and running around with the support group, we had been reminded what it meant to be dedicated in athletics. This is what it’s all supposed to be about in sports. Whether professional or amateur athletics, the dedication and passion are what makes every game, every team, and every player so special. And at All Star Video Sports, there’s nothing we love more than capturing that.

Isaac Honer